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Edith Colomba
Director and Founder

Edith is an architect with 10 years experience in environmental architecture. As a Sustainability Consultant, Edith has published scientific research and worked on a variety of projects, from impact assessment of materials, environmental assessment of large new developments, sustainability policies, energy assessments.

Edith was nominated one of the 50 Sustainability Raising Star in 2014 and appeared on the cover of Building Magazine.

In recent years Edith has become increasingly interested in working with people to help them improve conditions in their own home and trained to become a certified "Retrofit Coordinator".

As a manager of a large Green Deal Community scheme, Edith has helped over 1,000 customers along the journey of home energy efficiency improvement.

Other interests include naturopathic medicine, mindfulness, Reiki, outdoor activities, piano playing and Lindy Hop dancing.

Our Partners

Brian Murphy

Brian is a UK leading expert in sustainable architecture. Architect and Technician by training, his strength lies in specifications for building materials with environmental awareness. He has participated and led European funded research projects involving more than five European countries. Brian runs a wide number of CPD workshops for architects, is a regular speaker for conferences in organisations such as RIBA and the Green Register and lectures at the London South Bank University.

Valentina Marincioni

Valentina is a researcher, teacher and consultant in Building Physics, her work focuses on damp issues in the building envelope. She is a doctoral researcher at the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, currently investigating moisture risk assessment. Her expertise ranges from in-situ monitoring strategies for moisture analysis of the building fabric to simulations and laboratory tests on materials and assemblies. Valentina regularly lectures at UCL on moisture physics and energy efficient retrofit and delivers training to building professionals.

Nick Newman

Nick Newman is a Director of Studio Bark. Nick’s career spans traditional carpentry, government funded research programmes, deep energy retrofits and contemporary architecture. Nick is a Certified Passivhaus Designer and regularly contributes to publications and conferences in the field. He was named as a 2014 ‘Rising Sustainability Star’ in Building magazine, and has written a chapter in 'The Passivhaus Designer's Manual' by Hopfe and Mcleod.

Sofie Pelsmakers

Sofie is a chartered architect and educator with specialty in low-energy housing and the energy-efficient upgrade of existing houses. She teaches at the Sheffield School of Architecture, where She also co-leads an MSc sustainable architecture programme. Sofie's research investigates the thermal performance of suspended timber ground floors in Victorian houses. She authored ‘The Environmental Design Pocketbook’.

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