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At Ecocentric Design, we understand that not all home improvements require extensive design and an architect on board. Although we are happy to help in all scenarios, we see the value in bringing to our clients high level architectural advice for an affordable service and price, so that ALL householders can benefit from qualified environmental architectural advice, regardless of the extent of measures they wish to apply.

In the UK there are millions of privately owned period properties, which often need appropriate maintenance and sensitive interventions that will make them last longer while providing a higher level of efficiency and greater comfort for the residents.

At Ecocentric Design we focus on helping and empowering people with knowledge and means to improve conditions in their home environment and achieve a balance on heritage/architectural beauty, energy efficiency, health, wellbeing and sustainable living.

We believe in taking care of period homes; appropriate actions can result in greater durability, modern standard efficiency and will allow us to live a fully modern life in beautiful, cared for, traditional properties with no major trade off for the environment.

In our experience with pre 1919 constructed properties, we have observed the following issues:

  • Poor air quality, damp, mould and other health hazards.
  • Low energy performance, buildings leaking heat, contributing to high bills and greater contribution to climate change.
  • Discomfort and wellbeing issues.
  • Lack of guidance from trusted professional sources; the knowledge normally stays within the professional trades.
  • Retrofit being undertaken without a holistic vision (including property & people), which can lead to risks for the durability of the measures and the health of the occupants.
  • Through our Workshops, we bring knowledge to homeowners so they can get to know their property better and take effectively charge of their home improvement, aware of possible risks and pitfalls.

    With our technical home eco surveys, we advise on the best measures for your home according to many factors, of which the most important is YOU, how you live in your environment and what you would most benefit from, within your budget.

    We are here to help at all stages, from giving you some knowledge on the different areas of sustainable lifestyle changes, home refurbishment, to giving advice on your property to help you transform your home, working with the contractors and check in post construction.

    As qualified "Retrofit Coordinators" we are here to hold your hand from start to finish. Every project, however small, is exciting for us if we can make a difference to how comfortable and happy you are in your period home.

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