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Ecocentric Design offers environmental architectural advice for owners of period properties.

20 years of environmental architecture experience for the first time as an affordable independent consultancy service for your home.

Our customers wish to improve energy efficiency, sustainability and wellbeing in their home environment.

Although there is a lot of energy advice available out there, there is a lack of holistic independent consultancy that helps householders find the best strategy for their property, being this a change in habits, or a whole house refurbishment.

We feel that energy should not be the only dimension considered. In fact, we are targeting water, waste, ecology, gardening, wellbeing, comfort and health.

The benefits of this approach are substantial. There is the economic argument, i.e. saving on energy and water bills. There is a wellbeing component, in terms of comfort and air quality; there is a benefit on the larger scale, where people can feel they contribute to lower emissions and help on the climate change issue.

We are ‘home improvement coaches’, supporting you in making your home environment green, healthy and suitable to modern living.

Beyond energy assessments: survey topics

Energy Improvement

Water saving

Waste management

Health and Wellbeing

Air quality

Sustainable lifestyle

What clients say


Having known Edith before Ecocentric Design was born, her passion and interest for sustainability, and the interplay between home and health, was clear from the many discussions we had around the topic.

When we decided to try and 'green up' our 1905-built house, Edith was the person to speak to as we knew that she has great knowledge and experience across a broad range of sustainability issues.

During our in-depth initial consultation, she expanded on the extensive information in her introduction document to give us a good idea of how the technologies might be applied to our Edwardian house. A range of options were discussed ranging from inside and outside wall insulation, solar panelling, windows, loft insulation, air circulation and quality, and more. It was amazing to hear how many things can be done to improve the eco-credentials of our house.

We've made a start outside in our garden, by growing some veg and introducing composting and a wormery and we await, with eager anticipation, to discuss Edith's recommendations for the rest of our house in the next stage.

Gus, London property owner
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